Italtouch delivers every type of truffle ingredient for all your truffles recipes. Fresh truffle, Truffle Butter, Truffle sauces, Truffle cream, add a little Truffle oil to create truffle fries, 
truffle creams to create truffle pasta. TrufflemanDuabi.
Italtouch supplies top caviar in Dubai & Caviar in the UAE, to top caviar restaurants Dubai, caviar beluga, caviar for sushi, Caviar for events. Caviar is a top ingrident, not all caviar is expensive, but we import from the top sustainable caviar farms.
Truffle oil, truffle butter, truffle creams, Fresh egg pasta, Trufflemandubai

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About Italtouch

With over 20 years experience CEO Massimo Vidoni, AKA trufflemandubai ( Follow ) opened Italtouch in the UAE in 2012. Italtouch specialises in sourcing the best truffles, gourmet food, Caviar, truffle products Halal meat, and specialty products available in Europe today. Our team of experienced staff is trained to find the best solution for each client and tailors each order to their needs. We take pride in delivering you quality, freshness and authenticity./blogs/not-all-truffles-are-created-equal

Italtouch caviar is the only top. Calvisius Caviar, a unique caviar and Ars Italica Caviar made in Italy. Sustainable beluga sturgeon from the Caspian Sea. Kaluga Queen, the caviar of choice for many Michelin three-starred restaurants.

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