Caviar - Acipenser Baerii "Siberian Classic"

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Siberian Classic is a caviar extracted from the Baerii sturgeon. It is renowned for its elegant, fine roe, which is medium to large in size, measuring approximately 2.5mm to 3mm. The color of the roe ranges from a classic smoky dark grey to a pure black. It offers a clean, creamy finish and is often described as having a full flavor with aromatic notes of nuts, oyster, nori seaweed, and honey.

Species: Acipenser Baerii
Diameter: Medium to large, 2.5mm/2.9mm
Color: Dark grey to light brown
Texture: Firm
Character: full flavored with slight iodine elements
Aromatic notes: Nuts, Oyster, Nori seaweed, Honey
Shelf Life: 90 days unopened