CAVIAR LOVER - N°3 Tradition Prestige 100g

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This exquisite Italian caviar boasts top-tier quality. Originating from the White Sturgeon, a species native to the Pacific coasts of North America stretching from Alaska to Baja, California, it stands out as one of the longest-living sturgeons. With a lifespan that can extend up to a century, reaching a weight exceeding 1,750 pounds (800 kg) and a length of up to 19 feet (6 m), the White Sturgeon is truly remarkable.

The impressive production of large eggs, ranging from 2.9 to 3.4 millimeters, with hues that span from dark grey to black, adds to its allure. The flavor profile is notably refined, contributing to its exceptional qualities. The entire life cycle of the sturgeon spans approximately 11 years, enhancing the unique attributes of this caviar.

100g Tradition Prestige
2 Mother of pearl spoons
1 Pack blinis (16 pieces)
1 Crème Fraîche or sour cream