CAVIAR LOVER - N°3 Tradition Prestige 100g

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This is Italian caviar extracted from White Sturgeon (Trasmontanous), known for its large, silky eggs and elegant flavor notes. The taste is perfectly balanced, combining delicate sea nuances with light, buttery flavours.


100g Tradition Prestige
2 Mother of pearl spoons
1 Pack blinis (16 pieces)
1 Crème Fraîche or sour cream

Tradition caviar comes from the White Sturgeon, a species from the Pacific coast of North America between Alaska & Baja, California. It is one of the longest living sturgeons, sometimes living to be one hundred years old, it is heavier than 1,750lbs (800 kg) and measures up to 19 ft. long (6m).

In addition to providing a lean, high protein meat, its biggest value still remains connected to the remarkable production of large eggs, between 2.9 and 3.4 millimeters, with coloring varying from dark grey to black. The taste is particularly elegant. It requires about 11 years of the sturgeon life cycle.