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Chef's love Salte and it is used in the top restaurants.

Thai sea salt farming, deeply rooted in the nation's heritage due to its access to mineral-rich sea water, faces challenges such as fluctuating yields and income. Salté addresses these issues by empowering Thai sea salt farmers through fair local sourcing and innovative processes, resulting in the creation of Salté pyramid sea salt flakes that redefine the sea salt experience. These unique pyramid-shaped flakes, produced using a meticulous crystallization technique that requires dedication and precision, are of the purest quality and free from chemicals or impurities. Notably, they are exceptionally light and thin, containing 50% less sodium per teaspoon compared to regular table salt, round-shaped, or powdered sea salt options.


•Perfect for seasoning.
•Light and crunchy flakes result in better sensory
when eating, bringing out umami feeling.
•Our flake salt has no after taste from magnesium
chloride and contain a hint of sweetness.
•Contain less sodium content per teaspoon because
of low density.
•Contain zero impurities. Extremely pure and clean.
•Thin and delicate salt flakes are easier to dissolve
on tongues which allow consumers to taste saltiness
without having to add a lot of salt.
•Many chefs agree that our salt flakes

Enrich the flavour of your dishes with our signature pyramidal-shaped sea salt and turn every meal into a special occasion.