Extra virgin olive oil- CYPRESS VIEW "JO"

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Indulge in this superior category Extra Virgin Olive Oil, meticulously crafted in the middle of Tuscany on the hilltops of Valdambra in a small secluded hamlet called Duddova. This exceptional olive oil is sourced exclusively from an Olive grove privately owned by a family that are true lovers of gastronomy and pure, high-quality products.

It is composed of 270 trees, of which 80% are Moraiolo and 20% Leccino, all of an average age of 30-35 years old, typical of the Tuscan countryside. Absolutely no additives, substances, chemicals, or fertilizers (except organic) were ever applied to the grove. Only the sun, rain, mist, and the love of the family who takes care of it contribute to its cultivation.

Tasting Qualities: This Extra Virgin Olive Oil exhibits a pure and rich taste, with no bitterness and low acidity. It is a truly exceptional olive oil, grown with passion and love in the heart of Tuscany.