CAVIAR LOVER - N°17 Kaluga Queen "Osetra" 50g

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 Ideal for any celebration and favored by premier dining establishments, this Premium Grade caviar exudes sophistication. Revel in its velvety and moist texture, accompanied by a delectable, sweet, and indulgent nutty flavor. The generously sized grayish-yellow grains, measuring approximately 3.1mm, add to its allure.

Renowned for distinctive nutty undertones and subtle saltiness, Kaluga Queen caviars have secured their place as a sought-after choice. Their rapid ascent in the industry, driven by sustainable expertise, has positioned them prominently. This esteemed caviar is used in the most elite restaurants worldwide.

Kaluga Queen Caviar 50gr
2 Mother of pearl spoons
1 Pack blinis (16 pieces)
1 Crème Fraîche or sour cream