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If you're a pasta and truffle lover, you're in for a treat!
Our Truffle Lover's Bundle has everything you need to make delicious truffle meals.
Start by melting our luxurious truffle butter, add cream and black truffle sauce for a creamy sauce. Cook our egg pasta in just 6 minutes. Add carpaccio and a drizzle of aromatic truffle oil for extra flavor.  Or fry eggs in truffle oil or spread truffle butter on toast. Create impressive truffle-infused dishes with ease.
Indulge in the ultimate truffle lover's feast!

1 Pack Tagliolini Egg Pasta
1 Pack Tagliatelle Egg Pasta
1 Truffle Butter 80g
1 Jar black truffle & mushroom sauce 90g
1 Jar of truffle carpaccio 80g
1 Bottle white truffle oil 55ml